Stilltone @ Opposition, Lyss

Credits: Katrin Schaad

Stilltone @ Grabenhalle, St. Gallen

Credits: Alessio Fiori

Why is there a chair on stage? It’s for a poor guy who had both of his feet injured… so, if live is trying to ground you, don’t complain. Step up and keep on rocking seated instead!

Stilltone @ Fête de la musique, La Chaux-de-Fonds

Credits: Katrin Schaad

Stilltone Release Party @ ISC Club Bern

Credits: Marco Finsterwald

Credits: Olivier Chételat

Stilltone live @ Graffitti, Bern

Credits: Katrin Schaad

Stilltone live @ Café-Bar Mokka, Thun

Stilltone in the Studio

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