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About Stilltone

Four years after their debut album „13 States of Mind“ (Damp Music) which caused some stirr on swiss francophone radio with two singles („When I look in the Mirror“ and „The Game“) Stilltone are back – presenting the new album „Daydream Downfall“. Sounding even more raw, authentic and experimental. Nevertheless the great depth and highly emotional mix of songs have stayed – the suns rays break through dark heavy clouds whenever you least expect them to – emotional vocal outbursts accompanied by distorted guitar and mesmerizing bass lines.

Great effort was put into the production of the record. Dangling microphones, vocals screamed and recorded through guitar amps („Wasted“), shattered Vynil LP’s on snare drums  («Opportunist knocks») and the singer was stuck into a dark room («Parting Days») to create just the right atmosphere. The powerful rhythm section wonderfully carries each song and its melody straight into the listeners’ head. The journey takes you into a dodgy bar at the end of town («That Day you gave yourself away»), into the desert of Mexico («Blindsight»), to the deepest depths of the ocean («The Ground-Floor») – you feel like a mild autumn day when the sun breaks through the fog and clears your mind for a new beginning («Daydream Downfall»).

Collaboration was the key to success for this album – Mazzive Sound Producer and Recording Engineer Christian Häni (Scream, Halunke) brought it all together and guest musicians like Nina Gutknecht (Gundi, Lily Yellow), Serge Christen (Modern Day Hereos), Mark “Obi” Oberholzer (Tomazobi) and Nik Rechsteiner (Stubemusig Rechsteiner) made the album a differentiated, emotional and divers piece of recording that will satisfy radio listeners and music enthusiasts alike. Stilltone are back to conquer the world – they won’t settle for less.



  • ALBUM RELEASE «Daydream Downfall», January 27
  • ISC CLUB Bern: Plattentaufe, February 2
  • GRABENHALLE St.Gallen, March 2
  • KIFF Aarau “Accoustic Lounge”, May 5
  • RADIO KANAL K: Live Session mit Leo Niessner, June 18


  • MOKKA Thun, January 28
  • SINGLE RELEASE «That day you gave yourself away», November 18


  • Special broadcast and presentation of Stilltone on Webradio Germany


  • Interview & presentation of Stilltone on Radio NDS and Radio Ostfriesland, Deutschland


  • Interview & presentation of Stilltone with unplugged songs on Radio BE1, Bern
  • Nr. 1 in Swisshit on with «When I look in the Mirror»
  • Interview on Canal3, Biel/Bienne and Radio Fréquence Banane, Lausanne


  • Album-release: «13 States of Mind» October 13
  • Repérages Couleur 3 with «When I look in the Mirror»
  • CD of the week and interview on RTN/ RJB & RJF
  • Band of the week on MX3
  • Interview & presentation of Stilltone in «Sounds!» on DRS 3
  • Interview & presentation of Stilltone in «Rockspotting» on Couleur 3
  • «Microsillon du Jour» on Couleur 3
  • «Best of the best»-Award on Cotton Rock Radio (USA)
  • Presentation of Stilltone on radios „The Show“ & „Ace Radio Live“ (USA)
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